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  • Jess Arnaudin

4 Favorite Digital Courses for Mind, Body, and Skin Health

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

With the new year swiftly approaching, I thought it would be beneficial to round up some impactful digital courses that will get you glowing into 2020.

These make for thoughtful holiday gifts for the ones you love — including yourself!

From clean beauty education, to beauty foods for a better mood, to empowered fear-free birthing (a topic very near and dear to my heart) — I believe there's valuable wisdom to be gained from each of these courses.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links which means that when you click and make a purchase, I receive a small commission (typically between 5%-10% of purchase). Affiliate links do not increase the price of your purchase. Affiliate links are a simple way to support small businesses and solo entrepreneurs — thank you! 

This course is the course I would create for you if I wasn't chasing around a toddler and an infant 90% of the time. Luckily for all of us, Mayca Fernandez has done the work already and created this thorough, step-by-step digital course about how to make professional quality skincare products at home.

If you're ready to go beyond the recipes found in my book, Plant-Based Beauty, these lessons will take you on a deep dive about exactly how to create skincare products using more advanced techniques such as oil and water emulsions, using natural preservatives, best practices for using a double boiler, ingredient solubility techniques and more.

Mayca is an excellent educator with a focus on product safety and hygiene. Whether you want to create gorgeous plant-based products for yourself and your friends, or want to learn how to make natural shelf stable products to sell, this course is fun to watch and simple to follow. This is the fundamental framework for creating quality plant-based skincare products at home.

Throughout both of my pregnancies I devoured every book I could get my hands on about child birthing. I believe when it comes to birth, education is paramount in having a well-informed, empowered birth of your choosing. Childbirth in mainstream media is often portrayed as something to be feared, and that's simply not true.

This 21-day digital course is really impactful because it features a wide range of leading pre- and post-natal experts and unpacks advice that you can apply directly to your own pregnancy and postpartum journey. I especially love the concept of "mothering the mother" — so powerful and needed.

YUM! This 10-day course lead by chef and author Jason Wrobel explains the science of why certain foods make you feel good, and also gets you in the kitchen to implement (and taste!) what you've learned.

From recipes to help you breakfast for success, how to regulate mood swings, guided meditation and tips for eating well on the go — you'll enjoy more energy, better sleep, and it's no coincidence these feel good foods are also vibrant #beautyfoods to boost your glow, too!

Did you know that the ingredient “Natural Fragrance” can hide hundreds of synthetic chemicals from a product label? Or that buzzwords like ‘organic’, ‘pure’ or ‘eco’ have no set standards in the cosmetics industry?

This 10-day digital course connects you with industry insiders to learn the truth about how your products are made and what that means for your health over the long term. There are some ugly truths in the beauty industry! If you like the digital format and want to know which products are right for you, this course will guide you to a beauty ritual that is simple, natural, and beautiful.

Hopefully something here resonated with you! Please join me on IG and share your thoughts. May 2020 be the year we invest our time and energy into pursuits that bring joy and healing.

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