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  • Jess Arnaudin

Jess Arnaudin Talks Plant-Based Beauty on the Journey To Glow Podcast with Caroline Frenette

I had the pleasure of connecting with Caroline, the founder of Journey to Glow, to talk all things clean, green and holistic as it pertains to beauty. You'll especially like listening to this interview if you’re a #greenbeautyjunkie with a bathroom counter full of products and suspect that you’re overdoing it (that used to be me, too!) or if you're not sure where to start when it comes to clean beauty and you’d like simple principles to guide you. We also unpack #greenwashing and how to think about sustainability through the lens of the beauty industry. Listen to this fun and informative episode HERE and feel free to leave your questions for for us over on Instagram, @jessarnaudin and @lovemyjourneytoglow.

In this episode of the podcast Journey To Glow founder Caroline Frenette talks to Jess Arnaudin about:

Jess’ journey to glow

The pivotal moment that changed the course of Jess’ career as a holistic facialist

Plant-based beauty principles

How Plant-Based Beauty book came about

Simple steps to detoxify your skincareFoods for healthy, glowing skin

The mental and emotional impact in the pursuit of perfect skin

Simple rituals for radiant skinHow to shop smartly for organic food and beauty products

Caroline’s 30 day No Plastic Challenge and tips to live and shop more sustainably

Why it’s so important to support your local organic farmers

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